Supercapacitors Article Is Number 2 in NSF Readers’ Favorites for 2008

Published on Friday January 30, 2009

A story featured on the National Science Foundation web site and  NSF Current newsletter about supercapacitor technology developed at Drexel ranked second among readers' favorites for 2008.  The story featured work by Dr. Yury Gogotsi, Trustee Chair Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, and his team, including John Chmiola, Ph.D. student, and Dr. Cristelle Portet, former post-doctoral researcher.

The article "Supercapacitors: Key to a Green Energy Future?" was originally posted on the front page of the NSF Web site last June and highlighted again in the January/February 2009 Issue of Current, which is sent to broad audiences, including all members of Congress.

Supercapacitors, most commonly found in backup power applications, are increasingly being used in personal electronic devices, mobile phones and hybrid electric/fuel cell vehicles for their improved power over batteries.

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