Co-PI Shih and Colleagues Awarded Over $500K in Grants and Patent

Published on Tuesday March 17, 2009

Professor Wei-Heng Shih of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and colleague Professor Wan Shih, associate professor in the School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems, have received two grants as Co-PI and PI respectively.

Both were awarded a $500,000 multi-institution core grant from the Nanotechnology Insitute for the development of piezoelectric microcantilever sensors for marker protein, antibody, and cell detection in sera for early cancer detection and therapeutic monitoring. Partner institutions include Fox Chase Cancer Center and Temple University.

The Shihs were also awarded a $75,000 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Tobacco Grant for drug-resistant infection detection for an initial study of applying piezoelectric microcantilever sensor technology for early detection of drug-resistant, hospital-acquired infections.

In addition to the above grants, the Shihs, along with MSE graduate alumni/ae Anna Markidou, Steven Szewczyk, and Hakki Yegingil, have been awarded a patent for "All Electrical Piezoelectric Finger Sensor (PEFS).

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