MSE Students Win ASM International Liberty Bell Chapter/IEEE Awards

Published on Tuesday May 5, 2009

Several MSE students were presented with awards at the April 16th ASM International Liberty Bell Chapter Meeting.

B.S./M.S. student Eric Brenner (advisor: Caroline Schauer) received the Doc Grosvenor Scholarship ($1,500.00).  This is the third year in a row Eric has received a scholarship from the chapter.

Students also placed first, second, and third in the C.F. "Chuck" Burns Graduate Student Poster Contest.  The prize money was sponsored by Solar Atmospheres.

1st Place ($500): Philipp Hunger (advisor: Ulrike Wegst) "Freezing Hierachically structured Polymer, Ceramic and Hybrid Tissue Scaffolds"

2nd Place ($300): Stephen Nonnenmann (advisor: Jonathan Spanier)  "Finite Curvature-Driven Giant Ferroelectric Response in Cylindrical Coaxial Nanostructures"

3rd Place ($200): Riju Singhal (Advisor: Dr. Yury Gogotsi) "Nanoscale Carbon Probes for Single Cell Interrogation."  This poster was co-authored by Zuly Orynbayeva, Sayan Bhattacharyya, Gary Friedman and Yury Gogotsi.  Rju's poster was also presented at the Drexel IEEE Graduate Forum Second Annual Poster Competition on May 4, 2009 and won First Place.

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