Co-PI Zavaliangos and Affiliated Faculty Member Lowman Receive DoEd GAANN Grant

Published on Wednesday July 29, 2009

Professor Antonios Zavaliangos (Co-PI) and affiliated faculty member Professor Anthony Lowman (PI) of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) and Associate Vice Provost for Research are the recipients of a $653,280 Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) award from the Department of Education.

The three-year grant, "GAANN: Engineering for Pharmaceutical Applications," goes into effect August 15, 2009 and is a need-based fellowship that funds Ph.D. students who will receive exceptional training in research and education in the field of engineering for pharmaceutical applications.

Contributing faculty include Mr. Steven Cox (Director of Regional AMP), Drs. Teck-Kah Lim (Associate Provost for Graduate Students), David Urias (School of Education), Cameron Abrams (CBE), Minjun Kim (Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics), Michele Marcolongo (MSE), Alisa Morss Clyne (MEM), Moses Noh (MEM), and Steven Wrenn (CBE).

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