Ph.D. student Shahram Amini, Barsoum, and Colleagues Publish in Nano Letters

Published on Thursday July 16, 2009

Research work performed by Professor Michel Barsoum, Ph.D. student Shahram Amini, and colleagues has been published in Nano Letters.

The paper "On the Stability of Mg Nanograins to Coarsening after Repeated Melting" by Shahram Amini; José M. Córdoba Gallego of Nanostructured Materials, Department of Physics (IFM), Linköping University; Luke Daeman of Los Alamos National Laboratory; Andrew R. McGhie of the University of Pennsylvania; Chaoying Ni of the University of Delaware; Lars Hultman of Thin Film Physics Division, Department of Physics (IFM), Linköping University; Magnus Odén of Nanostructured Materials, Department of Physics (IFM), Linköping University; and Professor Michel Barsoum was accepted "as is" to the publication.

The research work highlights a unique, simple, and cost-effective technique developed to fabricate Ti2AlC nanocrystalline Mg-matrix composites for the first time by pressureless melt infiltration. These composites are readily machinable, relatively stiff (~70 GPa), strong and light (2.9 g/cm3), and exhibit ultrahigh damping. These solids can be potentially technologically important because of their unusual thermal stability. The microstructure is so stable that heating the composite three times to 700°C, which is 50°C over the melting point of Mg, not only resulted in the repeated melting of the Mg, but surprisingly did not lead to any coarsening.

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