MRS Chapter Promotes Community Awareness of Materials Research

Published on Saturday December 5, 2009

Drexel University's student chapter of the Materials Research Society (MRS) tied with Alabama A&M University in a competition held at the 2009 MRS Fall Meeting designed to advance public and government awareness of the importance of materials research.

For the past few years, a booth at the MRS meetings has featured the Materials Voice section of its web site, which allows constituents to send letters to the editor of their local newspapers about government policy as it affects materials research.  This is a great way for elected officials to hear the concerns of their Congressional districts.

In order to encourage student participation, the MRS Government Affairs Committee sponsored a friendly competition among University Chapters. Each winning chapter received a $25 gift card to Starbucks.

Dr. Mitra Taheri, Hoeganaes Assistant Professor of Metallurgy, is active in the Government Affairs Committee and wrote a template letter for the Materials Voice web site.

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