Kalidindi and Doherty Receive Funding from ONR

Published on Friday March 19, 2010

Dr. Surya Kalidindi, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Department Head and Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics and Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation (Columbus, OH) have been awarded a new grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) titled, "Integrated Thermo-Mechanical Processing, Microstructure, and Property Simulation System for Aluminum Alloys - Phase II." The total award on this grant is approximately $1.4M with Drexel's portion amounting to $375,532.  Kalidindi is PI on the Drexel sub-contract and materials science and engineering Professor Emeritus Roger Doherty will serve as Senior Investigator.

This project aims to improve the in-service lifetime of modern marine alloys, such as AL5083 and AL5456, for which corrosion is the most significant life limiting factor, mainly occurring due to preferential attack on b-phase precipitates that form continuous thin film at the grain boundaries. The research will look to reduce this corrosion by attracting b-phase precipitates to nucleate on deformation substructure within the grains, rather than at the grain boundaries, thereby preventing the formation of a continuous percolating film at the grain boundaries.

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