Department and College Receive Department of Education GAANN Awards

Published on Tuesday May 4, 2010

The Department of Education has awarded three Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) grants to the College of Engineering with the PIs on all three grants hailing from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.  GAANN Fellowships provide need-based financial support to Ph.D. students pursuing a degree in a field of study identified as an area of national need.

Department Head and Professor Dr. Antonios Zavaliangos is the PI on GAANN-DREAM (Drexel Research and Education in Advanced Materials).  This three-year grant in the amount of $394,000 goes into effect August 2010 and will provide support to Ph.D. students pursuing degrees in materials science and engineering with an emphasis on nanomaterials, biomaterials, and materials for nuclear applications.  This is the fourth GAANN award with Antonios as PI or co-PI since 2006.  Other Key Personnel on this grant include Mr. Stephen Cox, Director of the Regional National Science Foundation Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP), Dr. Teck-Kah Lim, Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, and Dr. David Urias, Assistant Professor in the School of Education.  Operations Manager Dorilona Rose also contributed to this proposal and will help to oversee the administration of the grant.

GAANN: Renewable Energy Technologies and Infrastructure Networks (RETAIN) has been awarded to the College of Engineering.  PI Dr. Jonathan Spanier, associate professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, will be joined by Associate Dean Dr. Anthony Lowman in administering the grant.  Co-PIs on the grant include Dr. Jason Baxter (Chemical and Biological Engineering), Dr. David Miller (Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics), Dr. Chika Nwankpa (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Dr. Mira S. Olson (Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering), Dr. Fredricka Reisman (Goodwin College of Professional Studies), and Mr. Stephen Cox (LSAMP). The project will support Ph.D. fellows at Drexel in interdisciplinary research and education in the applied science and technology of renewable energy sources and infrastructure required for power distribution and its environmental impact.  The project will also further Drexel collaborations with energy, environment and sustainability researchers at Ben Gurion University in the Negev, Israel facilitated by Rector and Professor J. Weinblatt. The award is for three years, with a total budget of $525,030.  Vanessa Vardon, Program Manager of Research and International Affairs in the College of Engineering, contributed to the proposal and will help to administer the grant.

Dr. Surya Kalidindi, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics (MEM) and Department Head of MEM is PI on GAANN in Mechanical Engineering and Sciences, and will run the program along with Co-PI Dr. Alisa Morss Clyne, P.C. Chou Assistant Professor of MEM.  The three-year $393,795 award begins in August 2010 and will support Ph.D. students in the field of mechanical engineering and sciences with an emphasis on medicine, sustainable energy, manufacturing, and robotics.  Other Key people on this grant includ Dr. Anthony Lowman, Mr. Stephen Cox, Dr. Teck-Kah Lim, and Dr. David Urias. MEM Research Coordinator Anne C. Hanna coordinated and contributed to the proposal.

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