Farrah Moldover Spends Summer in Germany as Visiting Student

Published on Wednesday June 30, 2010

MSE B.S. student Farrah Moldover (advisor: Caroline Schauer) is spending her summer abroad in Germany as a visiting student at Humboldt University in Berlin at a program sponsored by New York University.

The seven-week program includes a German-intensive class and a history class.  The history class involves exploring the city and its museums, monuments, and memorials and discussions on their significance and how Germany confronts its history.

"Although these classes are not engineering based, I have found them extremely interesting and beneficial to my college career," says Farrah of her experience abroad.  "My language skills have exponentially improved and German is undoubtedly an important language to be versed in as an engineer."

Farrah hopes to return to Germany for her final co-op.

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