Saluting Our 2010 Graduates

Published on Tuesday June 15, 2010

Drexel paid tribute to its graduating College of Engineering students on Friday, June 11, 2010 in the Daskalakis Athletic Center.

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering wished our own graduating students farewell with a dinner on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 in the University Club.  

Faculty, staff, and students were acknowledged for their contributions to the department and the seniors did their annual awards ceremony as well.

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Faculty and Staff Awards

Outstanding Research Award
Christopher Li

Outstanding Teaching Award
Richard Knight
Steven May

Outstanding Staff Award
Yenneeka Long

Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Stephen Niezgoda (Advisor:  Surya Kalidindi)

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award
Prineha Narang (B.S./Ph.D., Advisor:  Yury Gogotsi)

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Michael J. Birnkrant
"Combining Holographic Patterning and Block Copolymer Self-Assembly to Fabricate Hierarchical Volume Gratings"
Supervising Professor:  Christopher Y. Li

Bing Li
"Exploiting Polymer Single Crystals to Assemble and Functionalize Nanomaterials"
Supervising Professor:  Christopher Y. Li

Stephen Niezgoda
"Stochastic Representation of Microstructure via Higher-Order Statistics: Theory and Application"
Supervising Professor:  Surya Kalidindi

Stephen Sommers Nonnenmann
"Integrated Non-Planar Ferroelectric Nanostructures"
Supervising Professor:  Jonathan Spanier

Aaron Richard Sakulich
"Characterization of Environmentally-Friendly Alkali Activated Slag Cements and Ancient Building Materials"
Supervising Professor:  Michel W. Barsoum

Theodore H. Scabarozi, Jr.
"Combinatorial Investigation of Nanolaminate Ternary Carbide Thin Films"
Supervising Professor:  Michel W. Barsoum

Students from other departments being supervised by MSE Faculty

Christopher J. Massey
"Finite Element Analysis and Materials Characterization of Changes Due to Aging and Degeneration of the Human Intervetebral Disc"
Supervising Professor:  Michele Marcolongo

Elina Alexandrovna Vitol
"Nanopipettes for Intracellular Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Supervising Professors:  Gary Friedman and Yury Gogotsi

Master of Science in Materials Engineering

Ismail Can Albayrak
Hamad Fahad Alharbi
Carlos Octavio Aspetti
Dominic G. Bruzzese III
Taha M. Demirkan
Aldo Di Prato
Robert Charles Ferrier, Jr.
Sean M Garner
Thao Vi Le
John Vickery Lloyd
Brenay Lorraine Major
Russell Wade Marron
Valarie J. Pelletier
Patricia D. Reddington
Benjamin Wilson Riblett
William Louis Serencsits
Michael John Sexton
Charles Bruce Spencer, Jr.


Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering

Dominic G. Bruzzese III (Cum Laude)
Zakiya Carter
Kristin Lee Coyle
Aldo Di Prato (Magna Cum Laude)
Eric Eisele
Sean M. Garner
Matthew I. Hartshorne (Cum Laude)
Matthew M. Herbert
Thao Vi Le
Andrew William Leithead (Cum Laude)
John Vickery Lloyd (Magna Cum Laude)
Russell Wade Marron
Ronald R. Martin
Caroline Constance McCormick (Cum Laude)
Valarie J. Pelletier (Cum Laude)
Benjamin Wilson Riblett
Daniel Scotto D'Antuono
Michael John Sexton (Cum Laude)
Akhilesh Ashwini Singhal
Charles Bruce Spencer, Jr.
Michael Lizeng Wang

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