Kalidindi and Doherty Receive $450K NSF-GOALI Award

Published on Friday July 30, 2010

Professor Surya R. Kalidindi (PI) and emeritus faculty member Professor Roger D. Doherty (Co-PI) have been awarded a GOALI award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for "Deformation Mechanisms and Microstructure Evolution in Thermo-mechanical Processing of Mg alloys for Structural Automotive Applications."

The three-year $450K award is a collaboration between Drexel University and the General Motors Global R&D Center.

Strong, but light, magnesium (Mg) alloys offer tremendous potential for dramatic increases in the fuel efficiency of automobiles, with corresponding reductions in automotive CO2 emissions. The proposed interdisciplinary collaboration will result in the development of better Mg alloys for the automotive industry and may also have implications for the processing of other metals with similar crystalline structures.

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