Kalidindi and Colleagues Receive ARO DURIP Award

Published on Friday August 6, 2010

Professor Surya R. Kalidindi (PI, Department Head and Professor of Mechcanical Engineering and Mechanics and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering),  Dr. Zhorro Nikolov (Co-PI, Associate Director of the Centralized Research Facilities),  Professor MinJun Kim (Co-PI, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics) and  Professor Jonathan Spanier (Co-PI, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering) have been awarded an Army Research Office (ARO) Research Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) grant entitled, "Acquisition of a Fast Raman Imaging System" in the amount of $116,105.

The award will be used to acquire a Fast Raman Imaging System for the collection and analysis of Raman spectroscopy chemical maps on a broad range of objects including bone, bacteria, living tissues, polymers, composites, nanomaterials, pharmaceutical, ceramics, semiconductors, etc. This new system will be accessible to all researchers at Drexel University through the Centralized Research Facilities (CRF).

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