Ph.D. Student Babak Anasori's Dragon Microscopy Image Ranked 7th in Zeiss Nano Image Contest

Published on Friday October 15, 2010

 The images were ranked by visitors to the website who had the opportunity to vote for their favorites.

In this colorized SEM image, a Ti2AlC grain kinked several times during fracture to form a dragon. Fire from the dragon represents the extraordinary thermal stability of the nanocrystalline Mg matrix, wherein heating to 50 °C above the melting point of Mg did not lead to the coarsening of the Mg nanograins.  This research is funded by ARO (W911NF-07-1-0628).

In addition, two images Babak submitted to the contest, as well as one submitted by Maria Lukatskaya, visiting student in the Nano Materials Group from Moscow State University, were selected as three of six images displayed on the 2011 Carl Zeiss calendar.

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