Shihs' Breast Cancer Detection Technology Licensed by UE LifeSciences

Published on Friday December 3, 2010

Technology to enable improved breast cancer detection developed by Dr. Wan Shih, associate professor of biomedical engineering and MSE affiliated faculty member, and Dr. Wei-Heng Shih, professor in materials science and engineering, has been licensed by Philadelphia-based medical device company UE LifeSciences, a company which focuses on breast cancer detection.

The technology is a portable, low-cost, radiation-free breast cancer detector that can be used in a doctor's office as a first-line to detect breast cancer in younger women as well as in women over 40 with mammographically dense-tissue breasts.

The project received $200,000 through the University City Science Center's QED Program, a multi-institutional proof-of-concept program for life sciences technologies and is the second QED-funded project to be licensed.   

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