Barsoum Awarded $535,927 Grant from NEUP

Published on Tuesday August 16, 2011

Professor Michel Barsoum has been awarded a $535,927 grant from the 2011  Nuclear Energy University Programs (NEUP) of the US Department of Energy R&D Call for Proposals.  "Diffusion, Thermal Properties and Chemical Compatibilities of Select MAX Phases with Materials For Advanced Nuclear Systems (MS-NT1: Reactor Materials)" provides funding for continuing research of MAX phases in nuclear environments.

In 2009, Dr. Barsoum's group received funding for the initial irradiation study of select MAX phases to begin the understanding of the irradiated properties of these unique ceramics. Darin Tallman, a PhD. candidate working with Dr. Barsoum, has been the student selected to lead the research efforts in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Savannah River National Lab and Idaho National Lab. This new award is focused on understanding the compatibilities of MAX phases with the many harsh and hazardous environments found within nuclear systems, beyond the radiation.  Darin will continue to collaborate with Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman (MSE (B.S. 2002, Ph.D. 2007; advisor: Michel Barsoum), lead researcher for the MAX project at SRNL.

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