Image of Alumnus Dr. Siddhartha Pathak on Discovery News

Published on Monday November 28, 2011

An image created by materials alumnus Dr. Siddhartha Pathak (Ph.D. 2009, advisor: Surya Kalidindi) for the 2011 NanoArt Exhibition has been featured on the Discovery News website.  Pathak's image (second one in the set) of steel used in space applications garnered him first place in the NanoArt competition.  The image appears as part of a slide show of the winners of the 2011 contest.

Since the Fall of 2010, Pathak has been working at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) as the 2010 W. M. Keck Institute for Space Studies Postdoctoral Fellow in Materials Science. At Caltech, Pathak is continuing his research work in nano-mechanics, which involves mechanical testing at submicron length scales, with a particular emphasis towards space applications.

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