Kalidindi Receives Office of Naval Research Grant

Published on Monday January 23, 2012

Dr. Surya Kalidindi, Professor in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics and Materials Science and Engineering, is a recipient of a $347K three-year Office of Naval Research grant, "Using Spatial Correlations Measured on a Limited Number of Oblique Sections for Establishing Reliable Structure-Property-Processing Linkages."

The central objective of this work is to develop a set of mathematically rigorous, computationally efficient, protocols for utilizing the spatial correlations extracted from a limited number of two-dimensional microstructure scans on optimally selected oblique sections in the sample to reliably quantify the most important 3-D topological features of the microstructure. This work is expected to aid in accelerated design and development of new advanced materials with improved performance characteristics and their successful insertion into engineering practice.

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