Students Images Featured in "Look Again" Page in MRS Bulletin

Published on Thursday February 23, 2012

The images created by two materials Ph.D. students have been featured in the February 2012 MRS Bulletin's "Look Again" page.

Babak Anasori's (advisor: Michel Barsoum) award-winning image, "The Cliff of the Two-Dimensional" World" and Philipp Hunger's (advisor: Ulrike Wegst) "Cubing the Sphere," both entries in the Materials Research Society's "Science as Art" competition, were the only two images selected for the February feature.  Each image was altered in eight ways to provide an entertaining and challenging comparison to the original image.

Anasori's image was co-created with Ph.D. student Michael Naguib (advisors: Michel Barsoum and Yury Gogotsi), Yury Gogotsi, and Michel Barsoum.

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