Alumnus Dr. Marko Knezevic Awarded LANL Seaborg Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship

Published on Friday March 23, 2012

Alumnus Dr. Marko Knezevic (Ph.D. 2009; advisor: Surya Kalidindi) has been awarded the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Seaborg Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship.

The Seaborg Institute was founded in 1989 as a tribute to Glenn T. Seaborg, a prominent nuclear scientist. The Los Alamos branch of the institute integrates research programs on the chemical, physical, nuclear, and metallurgical properties of the actinide elements, with special emphasis on plutonium and uranium.

Knezevic is presently working with the Materials Science and Technology Division at LANL.  His research is focused on the development of constitutive material models for low-symmetry metals including uranium, as well as the development of high-performance computational applications integrating multi-scale material models for predicting the complex deformation behavior of highly anisotropic materials. 

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