Taheri Receives ONR Grant to Study Corrosion Damage in Naval Applications

Published on Thursday April 5, 2012

Hoeganaes Assistant Professor Mitra Taheri has received a two-year, $225K grant from the Office of Naval Research. "Effects of Stress, Composition, and Interface Type on Beta-Phase Precipitation in Al-Mg Alloys" will help to develop predictive tools for understanding and mitigating corrosion damage in aluminum alloys for naval applications.

This research is of paramount importance as corrosion in Al-Mg alloys is costing the US Navy in excess of 66 million dollars in repairs annually.  The objective of this work is to develop an understanding of the atomic scale structural dependence of corrosion causing mechanisms using a multiscale approach, from bulk corrosion testing to in situ transmission electron microscopy.  This research will yield data that will allow for predictive development of new aluminum alloys for naval ships that will be more corrosion resistant in marine environments.

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