Spanier and Colleagues Publish Papers in Advanced Functional Materials and ACS Nano

Published on Thursday July 26, 2012

Professor Jonathan Spanier and colleagues have had two papers published in important materials journals.

"The ferroelectric field effect within an integrated core/shell nanowire," by former Ph.D. student Stephen S. Nonnenmann, assistant research professor Mohammad A. Islam, former undergraduate student Brian R. Beatty, former Ph.D. student in electrical and computer engineering Eric M. Gallo, Ph.D. student Terrence McGuckin, and Spanier appeared in Advanced Functional Materials, which has an impact factor of 10.179.  The research for this paper was supported by the US Army Research Office.

Additionally, "Dynamics of photogenerated surface charge on BiFeO3 films" by Feng Yan, Ph.D. student Guannan Chen, Li Lu, and Spanier, has been published in ACS Nano, a publication which had an impact factor of 10.774 in 2011.  BiFeO3 has been the prototypic ferroelectric oxide perovskite having a band gap in the visible part of the spectrum, generating interest in developing more oxide perovskites for solar energy conversion.  The article reports how optically-induced charge effects ferroelectric polarization and extraction of current.  This research work was also supported by the US Army Research Office.

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