Materials for Energy Storage Conversion Program Graduates Seventh Class of Master's Students

Published on Friday September 14, 2012

Distinguished University and Trustee Chair Professor Yury Gogotsi attended the Materials for Energy Storage Conversion (MESC) seventh M.S. thesis defense and graduation ceremony in September of 2012. 

The MESC program is a fully funded international joint master's program that has been awarded designation as an Erasmundus Mundus Master Course by the European Commission. MESC students spend their first semester at the Universite Paul Sabatier or at the Universite de Provence. The second semester is spent at the Warsaw University of Technology. The third semester is spent at the Universidad de Cordoba or the Universite de Picardie. In the fourth semester, MESC students will complete a master's thesis project at Drexel University, Xiamen University, or one of the European institutions.

All three students who did research projects at Drexel University presented their M.S. work and graduated successfully. Yohan Dallagnese, working with Gogotsi, received the highest grade in his class of 23 students for his MS Research (the average based on grades for the thesis, presentation, and poster).  The other students who performed research at Drexel were Erwin Fernandez (advisor:  Steven May) and Nataliia Mozhzhukhina (advisor:  Vibha Kalra from Chemical and Biological Engineering).

Dallagnese plans to pursue a dual Ph.D. degree at Paul Sabatier University with Gogotsi collaborator Dr. Patrice Simon and at Drexel University.  Fernandez will pursue Ph.D. studies at the University of Buenos Aires. 

In the fall of 2013, Drexel will host another three students as part of the MESC program.

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