Nanomaterials for Energy Efficiency Research Video Featured on Inside Science

Published on Wednesday September 5, 2012

The research work of Distinguished University and Trustee Chair Professor Yury Gogotsi, A. W. Grosvenor Professor Michel Barsoum, and Ph.D. students Michael Naguib (advisors: Barsoum and Gogotsi) and Babak Anasori (advisor: Michel Barsoum) has been featured in a video on Inside Science.

The video covers their research on MXenes, two-dimensional new materials that can be used to produce energy storage devices, sensors, and solar cells, among other applications.

According to their website, "Inside Science is a credentialed media organization that provides editorially independent research news and information on science, engineering, mathematics, and related fields for general audiences through television, print and the Web."

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