Shih and Collaborators Publish New Research on Transistors in the Journal Nanotechnology

Published on Friday September 28, 2012

Research on new transistors that have potential remote or wireless applications by Professor Wei-Heng Shih and his collaborators has recently appeared in the journal Nanotechnology (impact factor 3.979).

"Single ZnO nanowire–PZT optothermal field effect transistors" by Chun-Yi Hsieh, Meng-Lin Lu, Ju-Ying Chen, Yung-Ting Chen, Ph.D. students in the Department of Physics at National Taiwan University (TWU); Professor Yang-Fang Chen of TWU; affiliated faculty member Professor Wan Y. Shih; and Professor Wei-Heng Shih reports that due to the change of polarization of the piezoelectric substrate under laser light, the current sensitivity of the novel optothermal field effect transistor is about three orders of magnitude higher than that of the typical photogating transistors based on carbon nanotube on SiO2/Si substrate.

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