NSF Features Gogotsi's Sepsis Treatment Research on LiveScience

Published on Thursday February 28, 2013

NSF has selected sepsis treatment advances by Distinguished University and Trustee Chair Professor Yury Gogotsi, former research professor Volker Presser, and former postdoc Sun-Hwa Yeon to be featured on the science news website livescience.com.

Sepsis, also known as blood poisoning, occurs when an infection triggers the body to react with severe inflammation. In 40-60% of cases the condition is fatal.  Gogotsi, Presser, and Yeon developed a filtration system of mesoporous carbons derived from silicon carbide-based ceramics that are highly effective at removing excess cytokines which build up in the blood as sepsis progresses, which in turn allows more time for antibiotics and other drugs to take effect, improving survival rates. This NSF sponsored work was also featured in a cover article in the November 2012 issue of Advanced Healthcare Materials.

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