Gogotsi and Former Materials Research Faculty Volker Presser Publish Second Edition of Carbon Nanomaterials Book

Published on Wednesday October 23, 2013

Distinguished University and Trustee Chair Professor Yury Gogotsi has co-edited a second edition of Carbon Nanomaterials along with former research faculty member Volker Presser. 

Dr. Presser is currently an Assistant Professor in the Energy Materials Group at the Leibniz Institute for New Materials & Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Substantially revised, the second edition, published by CRC Press of Taylor and Francis, adds a number of chapters on the latest research and information on carbon nanomaterials.  The book is appropriate for all levels from undergraduate students to experts in the field. 

“There are many books published on specific carbon allotropes,” says co-editor Gogotsi, “such as diamond or graphite, or new nanostructures, such as fullerenes, nanotubes, or graphene materials, but our book brings all carbon nanomaterials together and this makes it unique.”

The first edition, published in 2006 with a second printing in 2010, appeared on the list of CRC bestsellers.

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