Material Advantage

What is Material Advantage?

The Material Advantage Student Program provides access to four of the preeminent societies involved in materials science and engineering industry and research:

What does the Drexel University Chapter of Material Advantage do?

Besides the national and international conferences and contests, at Drexel University we facilitate a variety of activities including:

  • Social events to meet other people involved in MSE
  • Guest speaker events with professionals and engineering leaders
  • Attend monthly ASM Philadelphia Liberty Bell Chapter meetings
  • Outreach and prospective student recruitment events

Why should I sign up for Material Advantage Membership?

Because it benefits YOU. With a single, low-cost (only $30) membership fee, Material Advantage members are eligible for:

  • Over $600,000 in yearly scholarships
  • Free subscriptions to industry magazines and journals
  • Numerous free benefits upon graduation
  • Valuable job search & career advancement tools