Abraham Crook

B.S. Student

How did you decide to come to Drexel Materials for your B.S.?

I wanted a program where I could be hands-on and comprehensively learn the materials I was studying in my courses. Drexel’s Materials Department had so many opportunities available for me to get involved with right away, I knew it was where I wanted to go for my degree.

Where have you done your co-ops?

  • SFS Intec (Reading, Pa)
  • Carpenter Technology (Reading, Pa)
  • Boeing (Ridley Park, Pa)

Please describe one of your co-ops.

I worked at SFS Intec as my first co-op, and I also happened to be the first co-op they ever had. It was a great experience because I was free to get involved with any project they had available. I was exposed to so many new experiences throughout the company that I truly got to understand what it would be like to be an engineer. During my time, I learned about manufacturing process, product testing, efficient practices, 3-D drawing, and many other skills I still use at school and at work.

What are your plans post-graduation?

My plans after graduation are to immediately start work in industry and hopefully pay off some of this debt I have accrued. But after that, I would like to see myself get an MBA one day and maybe become a manager of engineering projects.

Do you feel like your co-op experiences have helped to prepare you for your post-graduation plans?

Each co-op experience that I had has prepared me in different ways. With each new experience comes new knowledge, and now that I am heading into my final co-op and senior year, I can see the culmination of knowledge from those jobs and how it will help me to advance my career after school. The co-ops were and are a rewarding program and to me they have been an invaluable part of my education.

Year of Graduation: 2014

Advised by

Dr. Michel Barsoum

Distinguished Professor
LeBow 445
(215) 895-2338