Amanda Pentecost

B.S./Ph.D. Student; NSF Graduate Research Fellow

City, Country abroad

Shanghai, China

Reason that brought you abroad in the first place

For my last co-op, I wanted to travel outside of Philadelphia, so I approached my advisor, Dr. Gogotsi, and asked if he had any suggestions for professors I could contact as well as programs I could apply to. After listing off a few names of contacts, Dr. Gogotsi began excitedly telling me about how he was involved in the starting of the collaborative project with SARI (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute) which was being supported by the formation of a formal partnership between Drexel and SARI. The project that he wanted to start there would be an extension of what I was already working on at Drexel! Without a blink of an eyelash, I said that it sounded like an amazing opportunity, and he immediately began contacting Drexel’s Global Initiatives Department in order to coordinate my arrival!

Favorite place to go outside of work/the lab

My favorite two places that I travelled to were the breathtaking Great Wall of China near Beijing and the beautiful scenic West Lake in Hangzhou.

Life abroad

I knew that this experience abroad would be more than just expanding my knowledge as a scientific researcher – it would also test my limits as a growing college student. Having grown up in South Jersey, I didn’t travel too far to go to college, and I had never even been outside of the US for an extended period of time. I was terrified yet intrigued by the idea of travelling to China – a place which was so foreign to me, that it might as well have been another planet! However, I knew that I had to take the leap into this new world and learn everything I possibly could from the experience.

From N.J.

Year of Graduation: 2016

Advised by

Dr. Yury Gogotsi

Distinguished University and Trustee Chair Professor
CAT 383
(215) 895-6446