Graduate Profiles

Michael Naguib Abdelmalak

The MAX phase research and publications of Professor Michel Barsoum and his team at Drexel over the last 15 years persuaded me to come here, and it was a happy coincidence that Dr. Tamer El-Raghy, who was the first student who worked with Prof. Barsoum on MAX phases, got his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the same school where I got mine, Cairo University. read more »

Laura Allan

I like the size of the department. We’re small enough that we all know each other and the staff knows each of us well, but large enough to have awesome research opportunities for undergraduates as well as graduates. read more »

Shan Cheng

Studying abroad is a precise experience where you can learn a lot of things that you have never learned before. However, it is important to know what the plan of your future career is and what you expect to get before applying for a degree and choosing a university. read more »

Daniel Christe

I find that working in a research group makes me more interested in fundamental concepts that come up in Physics or Chemistry 101, because I now see their application beyond solving exam problems. read more »

Ziyin Huang

Since it’s not feasible for all international students to visit the campus in the US before applying, when you have questions about anything related to the programs or admission in general, email the admissions office or the department. Also, if you would like to know something from a current student's perspective, there are peer mentors in the college and student organization leaders available to answer questions. read more »

Kristy Jost

I want to develop real clothes that integrate technology in a very practical way. I want the technology to be accessible to everyone. I want to bridge the gap between design and science and make quality and beautiful materials, turning them into fabrics and full garments. read more »

Marjorie Austero Kiechel

The numerous opportunities and experiences given by Drexel materials coupled with my research advisors' training and advice has greatly equipped me for my post-graduation plans. I'm confident that, after my graduation, I'll be ready to immerse myself in more in-depth interdisciplinary research work. read more »

Brittany Pattinson

I feel that Drexel has really prepared me for the classes I’m taking here, which are second year Master’s classes. I think this program is completely cohesive with Drexel’s Materials program and I know it’s going to be a great and rewarding experience. I’m meeting great people and seeing beautiful places, doing so many things I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. read more »

Gregory Vetterick

I feel that my Drexel Materials degree has prepared me to handle a future in any of the three career sectors: academia, industry, or federal (national laboratories), and has given me the opportunity to seek the career I desire. read more »

Yujun Xie

I decided to major in materials science and engineering is because materials are everywhere! I like the feeling that, when touching everything around me, I can tell how it is made, why it is made in this way, and how to make it better. read more »