Materials Research @ Drexel

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University is home to a world-class faculty engaged in cutting-edge research in the synthesis, development, and application of advanced materials in an exciting urban environment. A core-enabling technology for all engineering disciplines, the area of materials science and engineering has a promising future.

Each tenure-track faculty member maintains his or her own research group focusing on their particular area of expertise. There are four overarching research themes prevelant in the department: Materials for Energy, Materials for Health, Extreme Environments, and Electronic Materials with focus areas in biomaterials, ceramics, composites, computation and theory, electronic materials, energy, materials processing, metals, nanomaterials, polymers, structural materials, and sustainability.

 CeramicsCompositesComputation & TheoryElectronic MaterialsEnergyHealth & MedicineMaterials ProcessingMetalsNanomaterialsPolymersStructural MaterialsSustainability
Biomaterials Laboratory GroupDr. Michele Marcolongo      
Computational Materials Science and Design GroupDr. Garritt Tucker       
Dynamic Characterization GroupDr. Mitra Taheri  
Macromolecular Materials GroupDr. Andrew Magenau      
MAX Phase Research GroupDr. Michel Barsoum   
Materials Electrochemistry GroupDr. Ekaterina Pomerantseva      
Mesoscale Materials LaboratoryDr. Jonathan Spanier        
Nanobiomaterials & Cell Engineering LaboratoryDr. Hao Cheng         
Nanomaterials GroupDr. Yury Gogotsi     
Natural Polymers & Photonics GroupDr. Caroline Schauer    
Oxide Films & Interfaces GroupDr. Steven May        
Powder Materials GroupDr. Antonios Zavaliangos       
Sensor & Functional Materials GroupDr. Wei-Heng Shih    
Soft Materials LabDr. Christopher Li