Microcomputed Tomography


Fully 3D, non-destructive evaluation of internal structure and composition of a specimen based on x-ray absorption differences. It is possible to do in situ tests in a mechanical stage and a cooling stage.

Internal holes, cracks, and other geometrical features can be readily imaged. Reinforcements, second phases, and their spatial distribution can be imaged if they differ sufficiently with respect to x-ray absorption.

Our Skyscan 1172 is available to researchers and industry as a service center. Internal prices require a Drexel account with full overhead, liaison prices are for collaborating researchers outside Drexel. Members of the MCF Consortium also pay liaison prices. The instrument is also available for industrial users at market prices. If you're already a user, you can find training videos here.

Want to find out what size sample you can view at a certain resolution? Calculate sample size and estimated scan time here!

This instrument has been purchased under NSF Grant NSF-0521309 Major Research Instrumentation Program.