Mesoscale Materials Laboratory

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The Mesoscale Materials Laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Jonathan Spanier, investigates the electronic and functional properties of thin-film and nanoscale materials and devices. The group is actively involved in designing, preparing, and characterizing new materials, their surfaces, and their interfaces with other materials. In their work, they seek to address challenges relating to scaling and performance of transistors, and are working to advance photovoltaic science and technology via new polar oxide materials, including their preparation, and laser spectroscopic and scanned proximal probe characterizations. These investigations are aided by studies of how functional and multi-functional properties can be tailored and improved in nanostructured materials.

Research Interests

  • Semiconducting ferroelectrics for robust and efficient oxide photovoltaics
  • New approaches for nanoscale transistor and memories
  • Tunable hot electron transfer physics and devices
  • Functional properties of ferroic and multi-ferroic nanostructures, e.g. for non-volatile memories and magnetic-field sensing
  • Growth and properties of semiconductor and oxide nanowires
  • Atomic layer deposition of oxide perovskite films and heterostructures
  • Inelastic light scattering and laser spectroscopy


Dr. Jonathan Spanier

LeBow 440
(215) 895-2301

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