Purchasing A Computer

Departmental Purchases

Computer purchases for department purposes (computers owned by Drexel University for staff, research groups, or equipment use) are eligible for special pricing through Drexel's preferred vendorsPlease contact the MSE Tech Staff for assistance in obtaining quotes or ordering PCs for departmental or research group use.  These purchases may be eligible for tax-exemption.

Personal Computers

Computers being purchased for personal use by students, faculty, or staff are also eligible for discounts depending on the manufacturer.  Please click on the links under Personal Purchases on IRT's Computer Discounts page.  The MSE Tech Staff can recommend models, but does not assist in the ordering process.  These purchases are not eligible for tax-exemption.

Outlet Purchases

Some manufacturers, such as Dell and Apple, have separate online stores where refurbished or returned systems can be purchased at a discount.  Please note that availability cannot be guaranteed for these systems.  Depending on the product being ordered, the outlet discount can be even greater than Drexel's negotiated discounts - please contact the MSE Tech Staff for departmental PC purchases through the outlet so that sales tax can be properly discounted.

Operating Systems & Popular Software

All departmental PCs are covered under Drexel University's site licenses for Windows 7 Enterprise and Office 2010.  PCs purchased for individual use are not covered under these agreements.  Students looking for copies of Microsoft Windows or Office can find discounted copies available through Drexel One (go to the Drexel tab, and browse the titles available under Hardware and Software, eAcademy, and JourneyEd).  Mac users looking for upgrades to the latest version of OS X should purchase it through the Mac App Store - there is no educational discount available.


Should I buy a Mac or a PC?

Which do you prefer? The differences between Mac and PC hardware has mostly disappeared, most popular software packages are available for both (or are entirely web-based), and any remaining software issues can be handled by virtualization or dual-booting. Once these factors are removed, it comes down to a simple question of which platform you're most productive with and are most comfortable using.

Do all research groups purchase computers for their student members?

Not necessarily. Some research groups are able to provide support for their members in the form of computers, but that is up to the group's faculty advisor. If your advisor has funds available for computer purchases, please contact the MSE Tech Staff for purchasing assistance.  COE refurbished PCs may be available to research groups on a limited basis.

Can I buy my personal laptop through the department?

Sorry, but no. Personal laptops cannot be purchased under Drexel's departmental purchasing agreements and are subject to applicable sales taxes.

For all support requests and issues, please contact the COE Computing and Technical Services group at helpdesk@coe.drexel.edu, by phone at 215.571.4444, or on the web at tech.coe.drexel.edu.