Remote Desktop

Materials Remote Desktop Server

All Materials faculty, staff, and students have access to the department's Remote Desktop Server, The server is available from any computer on-campus, or off-campus using Drexel's VPN connection (instructions above).

Connecting from a Windows PC

  • Start the Remote Desktop Connection software (from the Start Menu or by running mstsc.exe)
    • Host:
    • User:
    • Pass: your Drexel domain password
  • If you need to access files from your PC, you may choose which drives will appear attached on the Remote Desktop Server by going to Options > Local Resources > Local devices and resouces > More > Drives and checking the drives you'd like to access.

Connecting from Mac OS X

  • If you don't already have the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client installed, please visit the download page, download the DMG file, and follow the installation instructions.
  • Start the Remote Desktop Connection software (from Spotlight, type Remote and then run it from the list of programs)
    • Host:
    • User:
    • Pass: your Drexel domain password

Connecting from another device

Almost all Linux, iOS, Android, and other operating systems have RDP (remote desktop protocol) clients available.  You can find a comprehensive list on Wikipedia (sort by Protocol and then look for RDP).

Connection and credential information is the same as above.

Accessing from Off-Campus

If you need access from off-campus, please follow the instructions for connecting to Drexel's VPN service. Once connected, your computer acts as though it is a part of Drexel's network, giving you access to this and other resources.

Available Software

Engineering students use a wide variety of software, and our aim is to put as much of it together in one easily accessible place, reducing the need for students to install, update, and maintain software on their individual computers.  Access to the server includes access to:

Need Help?

For all support requests and issues, please contact the COE Computing and Technical Support group at, by phone at 215.571.4444, or on the web at