One of the advantages to being in a technology institution such as Drexel is the availability of licensed software available to our students, faculty, and staff.  Certain packages are campus-wide licenses, while others are licensed at the college or department level.

To access Drexel-licensed software, please visit the software page on IRT's website.

To access COE or MSE-licensed software, please browse to the software share on the COE file server.

What's My Username / Password? Software for Windows Software for Mac OS X

Materials Software

You can download software available to members of the Materials department using a username and password that will get you access to the MSE domain.  Learn more about the MSE domain available to members of the Materials department, including network file storage, printing capabilities, and network backup utilities.

Drexel Software

Certain software packages are available to all members of Drexel University through the Office of Information Resource and Technology (IRT).  Most of them can be downloaded directly using your Drexel domain credentials (usually your email ID and password, but not always).  Find out more about the various software packages provided and their availability to students, faculty, or staff.