Work Orders

Drexel's University Facilities handles work orders for our entire campus. If you are a member of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, please review the information below before submitting a work order.

Submit "Non-Chargeable" Work Orders

General maintenance is typically non-chargeable (i.e., burnt out light bulbs, overflowing toilet, heating/cooling problems, etc.). Please click the button below to submit your request.

Submit A Work Order

When submitting a work order, please note the following:

  • Please use a cell phone number that you can be reached at if maintenance staff will have to contact you to gain access to the area.
  • Please include as much detail in the Action Requested field as you can.
  • Please enter "Materials Engineering" in the Department field.


Submitting "Chargeable" Work Orders

Requests beyond the scope of general maintenance are likely chargeable and can include services such as transportation (deliveries/trips), non-contracted trash removal, campus moves, space renovations, signage, installation of equipment, event set-ups, special departmental projects, special event requests, renovations and other miscellaneous duties.

To have a chargeable work order submitted on your behalf, please fill out the form below:

Chargable Work Order Request

Contact Information

If access to a room or lab is required for the work to be done, please provide a cell phone number.
Work Description

Please provide a Drexel internal account number, e.g. 123456-3668

Are there any restrictions on accessing the room, times that the work must be completed, or any other instructions needed?


Examples of "non-chargable" work orders you can submit yourself include:

  • Replacement of burned out lights (may require an EIE clearance from Safety & Health)
  • Requests for refilling paper towel dispensers
  • Requests to have lab floors cleaned (will require an EIE clearance from Safety & Health)
  • Requests for trash pick-up
  • Reporting a blocked sink or toilet
  • Problems with heating or cooling (too hot / too cold)
  • Fixing a broken lock on a door